Placebag Launches Subscription Service For Restaurants


(New York, NY)—Placebag, a premier provider of custom food ordering platforms, has announced the launch of their subscription service for restaurants. Based on the package that a restaurant owner chooses, Placebag will create and maintain a fully-customized food ordering system that can be integrated with social media and smartphone apps. All setup and maintenance of the system will be done for a one-time setup fee and a low flat monthly rate.

Mark Engel, a spokesperson for Placebag, stated “While concept originality and food quality are important, the customer service experience is truly what makes or breaks a restaurant. We know this because Placebag was built specifically for restaurant owners by people who have been in the industry. We understand that their customers want the convenience of being able to order online or from their mobile phones, and we have made it our mission to give restaurant owners an avenue to provide that service. Instead of trying to set aside huge amounts of capital to get the job done, our subscription service is making things much easier and more affordable.”

At restaurant owners can choose from one of three subscription packages starting at just $29 per month. The Start-Up package offers a full setup of features such as online menus, real-time reports, social sharing, and unlimited customer ordering. Enterprise-level packages are available with additional features like intelligent upselling, Facebook ordering, rewards systems, and off-hours support. A full list of features is available at Mobile apps can be added for a low monthly fee as well. Subscription pricing is per location and in addition to an initial $100 setup fee. Business owners can rest assured that there are no order transmission or per-transaction fees added to their monthly rate.

As Engel goes on to say, “Our subscription services are designed to place the keys to success in every restaurant owner’s hands. We invite them to contact us today to see what we can do to help them provide the top-notch web and mobile ordering experience their customers truly deserve.”

Visit to learn more about Placebag and their custom food ordering subscription packages.

About Placebag:

Placebag is a subscription service for restaurants to get access to custom food ordering systems. Placebag offers mobile ordering apps, website ordering, and ordering directly from Facebook. This allows restaurant owners to spread their menus or products everywhere, increase revenue with online and mobile ordering, and have fully functional ordering websites and apps all branded to their business. Add an online ordering widget to a current website or use as a standalone website.


What You Should Know About Photographers This Year

Hiring a Professional Photographer: What Things You Need to Know If you want to be happy, the best thing that you can do is to bring back to mind great memories. It will be amazing once you decide to get the services of photographers this time just to take some of your wonderful memories. If you think you want to keep a lot of good memories and make them photographed, it is right to hire a professional photographer to keep a lot of photos of you and your friends during happy occasions. He will be the one to get the best shots. You may have known something about photography but it may never be enough. It is right that you will get professional photographers for it is the best thing to achieve perfection. What you need to do primarily is to simply look for a reliable photography firm which has a lot of professional photographers. Since professional companies want to tell the world that they are reliable and prestigious, they will only offer professional photography services. You should consider this time looking for a professional company since they provide not only a chance for professional photographers to earn money but also to train them. There are a lot of new ideas on how to get a photograph and professionals need to know a lot about them. If you choose a professional photographer, you can count on him about using new technology. You want to receive very good outputs so you should take advantage of the devices that they can offer. If you do not have the new technological devices for photography, the best thing to do is to only hire a professional photographer. There are a lot of companies that offer photography services but it is awesome if you will desire to find one that is operating nearby. You need to choose one that is definitely near your place so that you can approach him immediately. If there are birthdays or anniversaries that you want to be documented, you would surely like to connect with a professional photographer. He will surely bring you the services that you really desire.
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It is just wonderful when you decide to look for some sources that will give you an idea how the company really works. If not from your friends, you can read some balanced reviews on professional websites. If some of your friends have tried getting services from them, you will surely be happy to know that you can get the right services if they are positive about the company. Once your friends refer them to you, you can trust having a full trust in them. Once you get an attractive package, you will be happy to get the services very soon. You will appreciate a lot if they will bring a booth. Just pay them the right amount of money.How I Achieved Maximum Success with Photographers

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Systems

Which Phone System Is Best- Landline Or Internet Based? When you are considering of a business telephone system that will be used for your company, then one of the things you must consider first is what operating system is right for you. The services and products offered, how you’re staffs, the size of your company and your expected volume of calls will affect your decision. Taking some time to learn about the features of the phone systems below is a wise move. And while it is true that VOIP phone systems keep gaining popularity than its landline counterpart, there are still many companies that prefer this option. These systems are using traditional wiring of a telephone company rather than depending on an internet connection. These are so reliable solution in which many people find comfort of using. This phone system on the other hand have limited features and hardware may be a bit expensive as your company expands. The maintenance has to be done by an on-site technician which can possibly lead to delays in solving the issues at greater costs. In VOIP telephone system on the other hand, all the communication is managed through the internet. Because the company is likely using the internet, the communication has become another process that is using the same connection. And believe it or not, these types of business telephone systems offer a more versatile and advanced features similar to call queues and interactive voice response or IVR. Not only that, this particular type of phone system can be integrated easily with mobile phones and emails, meaning better response times to customers.
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When you go for this route, you must be sure that you have a decent internet speed. The company must able to possess high speed internet connection and recognize that more processes is used, the more strain it puts to your connection. And if ever the internet is down, so as with the communication. You may want to talk this matter with your service provider about their regarding contingency plans in case that this sort of issue occurred.
Finding Parallels Between Options and Life
You don’t have to be mindful of inherent risks of communication via the internet, which poses same security risks where every user online is dealing with. To be sure that your company is protected, speak with your service provider regarding the features and processes they offer. You want a solution that can meet the specific needs of your operation and the size of your company whether you prefer VOIP or landline based telephone system. You must carefully consider which business telephone system to use because remember, your company depends heavily on reliable and decent connections.